Student Activities

The CEO Challenge


P&G believes in promoting from within and that students are the main source of talent. Hence P&G believes in developing students through on campus activities all over Egypt. This year P&G introduced the “CEO Challenge”. The “CEO Challenge” is a regional case-study competition in which students get to compete together across Egypt and the IMEA region (India, Middle-east & Africa), where they will be exposed to the challenges they will face in the marketplace and how multinationals operate in real-life.

This multi-phase case study challenge has run across all countries within IMEA region. Around 270 students from Egypt participated in this year’s challenge forming 90 Teams. Only 3 teams representing India, Arabian Peninsula & Pakistan, Near East, & Africa clusters have Proceeded to the final phase hosted in Dubai and competed for the regional IMEA title. After 5 challenging phases, “The Financuaries” team from AUC Egypt has won the final phase of the competition in Dubai and nominated the IMEA Region “CEO Challenge” winners. The team was awarded a business trip to P&G Office in Turkey.

CEO Challenge Egypt