Seif Sobhi

In September 2014, I joined P&G in the Cairo Plant as a Process Engineer in the Fabric Care Department. I have done many internships in the past, however, in P&G an internship is totally different because from day one, I was assigned to a real project with many challenges. I had to deliver good results because in P&G, success is measured by results not by performance. The unique thing about the internship at P&G is that it shows you what  the real engineering life will be and how you can relate all the studies you have done during the 5 years of university with a real life job after graduating. Being an intern in P&G for two consecutive years in two different departments in two different plants has helped me a lot to tackle different challenges in different areas with different thinking. This is the main factor that helped me in earning a full-time job in P&G directly after graduating. Of course, things became much easier after being hired full-time because I already understood P&G's system during the internship period.