Amir Lotfy

I am Amir Lotfy India Transformation SIP Capability Manager. I’ve graduated as a microbiologist at 1998 , Joined P&G as a Lab analyst at 2003 , I recall my interviewer asking me “ if you are getting a piece of equipment  to the lab and you have one that costs 10 LE and another one that costs 100 LE , which one would you buy ? “  I said: I’ll buy 1 of each, and calibrate them together, if they are the same, I’ll get the lab the 10 pound’s, 6 months later and after my training and onboarding, I was assigned the budget owner of the QA department beside my role as a microbiologist, that was the time when I realized that this company is different; it just catches the best out of you and helps you utilize your natural gifts to the max. A couple of years later I moved to Supply Network Operations as a production planner, then Site Integrated Planning key user, then moved up to be the Fabric & Home Care production planning Leader, during this time I helped introducing several new planning techniques to Cairo plant and MEA, which made the company trust me to lead the SIP part in MEA PSC establishment journey the I was selected to be MEA SIP HPN Leader.