Amr Hassanein

Hello, I’m Amr, I joined P&G in 2007, yes this makes it 8 years now. Ever since I was in college, I knew I had a passion for “Selling” and as I graduated, majoring Economics, decided to join the World’s leading FMCG company; P&G. Well, CBD (Customer Business Development)  - P&G’s equivalence for sales; but reality is there was far more to sales than I ever thought possible. The passionate environment that resides in P&G’s heart makes it a core responsibility of CBD to genuinely develop our customers’ businesses which inevitably leads to the success of our brands. Like every P&G employee I was granted the opportunity to work on different businesses, for example I went from leading our Female Beauty Care business in Near East to handling Modern Trade accounts in Egypt, and here I am now leading our Braun business in 8 countries across the Middle East and North Africa region. P&G is where I truly believe that my development wouldn't stop.