Salma Hassan

I graduated in 2004 from AUC with Construction Engineering Major and Business Administration Minor, started in Finance & Accounting shortly after graduation and now I am in Human Resources, and this is what I love about P&G! P&G is a great school that leverages your personal strengths and leadership, and provides you with the needed development to groom you to reach your destination job. Despite being an Engineering graduate, I joined as Fabric & Home Care Financial Analyst, moved to Customer Development Finance then to Plant Finance. After 6 years of a career in F&A,  the company helped me to fulfill my career interest in HR through an extensive development program in 2.5 years that enabled me to move to the role of Egypt HR Manager in this short period.  How the company invests in your development and growth, manages your career as a top priority due to the promote from within system,  values diversity while having the company Principles and Values at the heart of all that just makes P&G a unique company and a unique experience!