Mohamed Faisal

At 20 years old, P&G welcomed me as a fresh graduate from AUC and guided me to the first steps of my career.

I joined F&A and kicked off my career in Product Supply Finance in 2011 where I worked as a cost analyst for Fabric Care, Home Care & Beauty Care at different points in time throughout my 2.5 years in the assignment. My main role was to work hand in hand with the multifunctional operations team on how to optimize cost in the most efficient and sustainable way while ensuring our products continue touching and improving consumers’ lives. One of the best things about P&G as a company is that they evaluate their employees purely based on their performance and that was evident when I finished my Cost Analysis assignment I was promoted (bearing in mind I was relatively young) and moved to the General Office managing a team of 3 people handling trade promotional budget spending across Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan & Iraq. In parallel, I was the Finance Project Manager of a major corporate restructuring project in Egypt where I was co-leading a team of over 100 people across Africa, Europe & Asia in three different time zones to deliver on the project! In June 2014 I changed assignments once again to my current role where I’m leading the Commercial Finance leg of the Fabric & Home Care multi-functional team. Third assignment in four and a half years and I’m hyped about the challenges yet to come!